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HARC Researchers Presented at 2018 Texas Energy Summit

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Monday, October 8, 2018

HARC researchers had a prominent presence at the recent Texas Energy Summit held last month. The event location is rotated throughout Texas metropolitan regions, and this year it was hosted in Houston. The three-day conference draws attendees from various sectors of the energy industry, including utilities, academia, manufacturing, and purveyors of clean energy technologies.

The Summit is a premiere educational conference and business expo with opportunities to engage in lively conversation about cleaner air, a better built environment, sustainability and a new energy economy.

HARC President and CEO, Lisa Gonzalez, provided remarks as a plenary speaker. Researchers Marina Badoain-Kriticos, Dr. Mustapha Beydoun, Dr. Gavin Dillingham and Carlos Gamarra presented during the conference on various panels.

The robust program encouraged attendees to share information on state and local energy efficiency, renewable energy, and air quality policies. HARC’s Southcentral Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Technical Assistance Partnerships, funded by the US Department of Energy, hosted a workshop on “Improving Texas Economic Resilience with CHP”. The workshop featured presentations and panel discussions on how CHP systems can provide power reliability as well as energy efficiency. Workshop attendees were treated to a behind-the-scenes tour of the CHP system recently installed at the NASA Johnson Space Center.

The conference is hosted annually by the Energy Systems Laboratory at Texas A&M University Systems, Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station.

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