HARC Research Scientist Carolyn LaFleur speaking in Ohio Lecture Series

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Friday, February 2, 2018

HARC Research Scientist Carolyn LaFleur, PE will speak in the Youngstown State University Lecture Series on Energy and the Environment on Wednesday, February 7th at 6 PM Central Time. Her lecture, entitled “Hydraulic Fracturing for Domestic Energy Development – Best Practices for Environmental Management”, will be part of the ongoing series that features three award-winning journalists. The lecture series is organized by Ray Beiersdorfer, YSU distinguished professor of geology, and sponsored in part by the James Dale Ethics Center. The lectures take place on Wednesday evenings through April 18th via Skype. Lectures will cover a wide range of environmental and oil and gas topics. Located within three major shale gas plays, Youngstown State offers robust curricula in geology, engineering, and environmental topics. For more information, contact Ray Beiersdorfer at 330-941-1753 or