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Monday, February 3, 2014

The Environmentally Friendly Drilling (EFD) Program provides unbiased science on technologies that are designed to address environmental issues associated with oil and gas exploration and development. The EFD Scorecard was created to be a voluntary, consensus-based tool that can measure how industry addresses environmental and societal issues. This tool enables a methodology to be employed that documents existing, proven technologies, processes and systems used to address environmental and societal issues associated with energy development.

Over the past year, the EFD Team has updated the scorecard as a result of additional research, gap analyses with current best practices and field testing that has demonstrated environmentally sound and cost-effective processes. After receiving valuable input and endorsement from Resources for the Future, the Scorecard is ready to be put into action. An interactive website is in the works so that those organizations wishing to measure their performance and plan for future operations will be able to access the EFD Scorecard Guidebook and the Scorecard Matrix for tallying credits for each attribute. This secure site will allow the necessary documentation to be uploaded and reviewed as appropriate. More details to come with an anticipated roll-out of early Spring, 2014.

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