Combined Heat and Power in Breweries – Better Beer at Lower Costs

Posting Date: 
Thursday, December 8, 2016

As more breweries come online, there is greater competition for customer share. To be more competitive in the market brewers not only need to produce great beer, but they need to do it in a cost effective manner. One of the best opportunities to be more competitive is to lower production costs, particularly energy costs.

Check out our latest CHP and breweries webinar. The webinar describes opportunities to lower the energy and operation costs of the brewing process through combined heat and power (CHP). The CHP system cannot only power the facility at a lower cost, the waste heat produced can be used for brewing, cleaning and refrigeration. The webinar introduces opportunities for CHP at breweries, technology applications, best practices and some case studies on where CHP has been used in breweries.


  • Learn about different CHP technologies
  • Learn about federally funded Technical Assistance
  • Free CHP screening of your facility
  • Free 3rd party reviews of vendor proposals
  • Check out case studies of operating CHP at breweries
  • Current and future rebates, incentives and tax advantages available for customers that install CHP

For more information on DOE Southwest Combined Heat and Power TAP, visit here.